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On Writing

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A Five-Page MFA—the 13 Best Writing Tips I’ve Received Over the Years

I recently had the honor of critiquing a first novel for a good friend…

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How Understanding Comics Helped Me Write More Powerful Novels

When I first arrived at VCFA in a cold, brittle winter…


On Living

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Favorite Musicals

I’m obsessed! Here are my all-time favorites. Send me yours via Twitter/Instagram @abigailhingwen

  • Les Miserables

  • Phantom of the Opera

  • The Greatest Showman

  • La La Land

  • Miss Saigon

  • Beauty and the Beast

  • The Book of Mormon

  • Hamilton

  • Wicked


Travel Tips

These are a few of my favorite things…

Coming Soon.


On Artificial Intelligence

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Forbes Magazine: Amazing AI: Four Breakthroughs Everyone Should Know About

AI continues to surprise us. It makes mistakes no human would make, such as when a photo app confuses a skier with a mountain. It also beats world champions at complex games, solves biochemistry’s greatest challenges, writes prose so human-like that the creators of the program have deemed it unsafe to release in full, and promises cars that can drive without a human at the wheel by next year…

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Forbes Magazine: The Biggest A.I. Ethical Issue Businesses Need to Address Now—and How

Recent headlines have drawn attention to problems caused by disproportionate or lack of representation in the data sets selected and used to train machine learning models. Such bias can lead to unfair outcomes—such as a hiring algorithm that favors male over female applicants.

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Fortune Magazine: Advancing Both A.I. and Privacy Is Not a Zero-Sum Game

Given the reliance of artificial intelligence on machine learning, and of machine learning on data, the conventional wisdom is that privacy and A.I. are fundamentally at odds—progress in one must come at the expense of the other.