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Read the short story that gave rise to KISSES, CODES AND CONSPIRACIES


When sixteen-year-old Tan Lee’s girlfriend is kidnapped, he builds an algorithm to track her down.

“Best-selling YA authors take common rom-com tropes (fake dating, matchmaking, feelings for a best friend, enemies to lovers) and offer their twists on each one. Creative turns on the genre include Anna-Marie McLemore’s take on the makeover trope, in which the main character’s makeover is to accept her true self and not to conform to others’ ideals of beauty, and Elizabeth Eulberg’s trapped-together story, which is a friendship story rather than a romance, featuring a girl’s best friend and her boyfriend, who are stuck together and must learn how to get along. The collection is inclusive and diverse, with four LGBTQ+ romances as well as one short graphic novel. While some of the twists might not feel too far from the inspiring trope, each story remains a light, fluffy read, sure to pull on heartstrings and make romance readers swoon. Purchase where romances are popular.” — Booklist

Pre-order KISSES, CODES and CONSPIRACIES, the novel by Abigail Hing Wen inspired by her short story, coming August 13, 2024.

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